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Below is a list of what's in the FREE Tax MINI-Masterclass (9-minute Video) - Checklist: 22 Things You Absolutely NEED to Know About TAXES. You'll be smarter than most of the people around you after this... :)

I go over the following subjects to get you better acquainted with tax rules and other tax information that may pertain to your situation. I also explain some tax rules that people frequently misunderstand, so you can be better informed.

1 - Filing Deadline

2 - Extension Deadline

3 - Payment Deadline

4 - Late filing penalties & interest

5 - Prepaying taxes

6 - Refunds and overpayments

7 - Underpayment penalties & interest

8 - Estimated Tax payments quarterly

9 - Estimated Tax due dates

10 - Penalty Waivers - for 1st time underpayment

11 - When you Don’t need to file an extension

12 - Filing late when you’re due a refund

13 - When it’s a good idea to file an extension

14 - IRS online account

15 - Waiting to file until later

16 - Amendments

17 - IRS Offsets

18 - Who Offsets apply to

19 - How to find out if you have an Offset

20 - When you should check for an Offset

21 - When filing season starts

22 - When to expect your refund for EIC or Child Tax Credit


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Christian - Texas

CEO, Hanka Fulfillment

"She makes it sound so easy..."

...the way she explains the process. It's just detailed enough to answer all my questions, but quick enough to learn in an afternoon. Great value, I'd recommend to anyone.

Sha'Nya - Texas


"This course was well put together"

...and the videos kept me actively engaged. I feel more knowledgeable when it pertains to taxes and how they work. I would recommend this course because it helped me better understand how to navigate to file on my own.

Laya - Texas

CEO, Laya Luxuries LLC

"This entire course provided me with more information and hidden gems..."

...then I could've thought of on my own. It was very helpful and insightful. I honestly have no idea how you could have topped this. The explanation, examples, and fun facts were more than enough for me. I am 1000% pleased with all the knowledge I've gained from this course.