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Hey, friend!😃

I'm Loma Risper, an entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas, and the author of 13 Winning Case Studies that BEAT the IRS: Taxpayer's Survival Guide (available on Amazon). Thank you for stopping by!

You might know me from my YouTube videos on how to file Texas Sales Tax or how to file Texas Franchise Taxes. You may have even seen my business tips on Instagram or TikTok.

But I also teach Business Skills in my online courses on a variety of topics from how to file business taxes to how to build an Ecommerce website. I even offer coaching packages for individuals who want a more immersed learning experience.

H&R Block Set Off a Chain Reaction😖

The experience of having my tax refund delayed because of H&R Block's filing mistake almost 30 years ago set off the chain reaction of me figuring out not only how to file my own taxes but EVERY business task that didn't require "a professional" to do it.

I decided "if they could do it, I COULD DO IT!" That moment fueled my determination to learn skills that are normally thought to be reserved for experts.

Want to file your taxes super fast and save thousands of dollars at the same time?

If so, you're in the right place!

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