How to File Basic IRS Taxes for FREE

(Quickly Learn the Building Blocks of How Taxes Work - Complete in 1 Afternoon)

Who Is This Course For?

This is for anyone who wants to learn the basic skills to prepare their own taxes to become self-sufficient and not have to rely on someone else to file their taxes.

This is also for anyone who wants to save money because they understand knowledge is power, and they can better prepare for future filings with this information.

This is for anyone who wants to learn the tools that make this process easy and fast. If this is you, I want you to know how excited I am for you to take this journey in achieving your goals!

IF YOU ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR, your 1st step to learning how to file your own taxes is to take the "How to File Basic IRS Taxes for FREE" course. It provides the building blocks for filing your federal income taxes. Your 2nd step will be to take the add-on course "Add-on Course for How to File IRS Income Taxes for Sole Proprietors - Gig Workers - Single-Member LLCs" (teaching how to file your business income). This add-on course is for sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, gig workers, and single-member LLCs. It is a MUST and seamlessly integrates with the "How to File Basic IRS Taxes for FREE" course. There won't be any repeat or redundant lessons. It's literally an add-on to the course. It will ONLY BE AVAILABLE to students who have already taken the first course "How to File Basic IRS Taxes for FREE".

Will You Really Save Money by Taking This Course???

Well, let's see.

Below is a comparison chart I put together to show how much you spend filing a regular personal tax return over 5 years.

It shows how much you spend for my course "How to File Basic IRS Taxes for FREE" (one-time cost, can be completed as fast as in ONE Afternoon) and how much on the low side and high side of what you'd probably pay to get your taxes filed...

You tell me. How much do you save by learning how to file your own taxes in as little as an afternoon compared to paying for the tax preparation service year after year (at a 5% inflation rate every year)?

***NOTE: The tax preparation fees for filing business taxes is 2-3 x MORE than for filing personal taxes...

5-Year Cost Comparison for Filing Taxes Fees
5 KEY BENEFITS of Taking my Course vs Hiring a "Professional":

1 - SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars.

2 - File your own taxes successfully as you follow along the course in the SAME AFTERNOON from the comfort of your home.

3 - Enjoy your PRIVACY by not having to share your information with the tax office people.

4 - Learn from EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND explanations of how taxes work and how it affects you.

5 - CONVENIENCE of filing when you are ready.


Share the tax course with Your Working Teens to help them Level-up in life at no additional cost!

Backed by The Unconditional Matrix Level-up Guarantee (30 days no risk)

Learn the Skills to be Successful...

If You're an Entrepreneur,

THIS is Your 1st Step!

After taking my course on filing an IRS tax return, students will be able to successfully complete each of the steps of filing their personal federal taxes for their basic income and learn to track their refund or make a payment.

This course guides you step-by-step with Videos using screenshots and screen recordings to show you exactly what you will see when you file your tax return.

I explain the IRS rules you will need to know to guide you through your situation. I show you which software to use and exactly what to click on to match your situation along with an explanation of how it affects your refund or tax balance.


my courses

Christian - Texas

CEO, Hanka Fulfillment

"She makes it sound so easy..."

...the way she explains the process. It's just detailed enough to answer all my questions, but quick enough to learn in an afternoon. Great value, I'd recommend to anyone.

Sha'Nya - Texas


"This course was well put together"

...and the videos kept me actively engaged. I feel more knowledgeable when it pertains to taxes and how they work. I would recommend this course because it helped me better understand how to navigate to file on my own.

Laya - Texas

CEO, Laya Luxuries LLC

"This entire course provided me with more information and hidden gems..."

...then I could've thought of on my own. It was very helpful and insightful. I honestly have no idea how you could have topped this. The explanation, examples, and fun facts were more than enough for me. I am 1000% pleased with all the knowledge I've gained from this course.

What You'll Learn

22 Lessons - 2.5 hours of video content + written lessons

Quickly learn everything in ONE Afternoon...


A message from the instructor and Best Practices recommendations. Important Notes to help you better understand how taxes work.

Module 1

What you Need to File Your IRS Federal Income Tax Return. Tools, Paperwork, and Information to prepare yourself. Set expectations on how long it takes to file taxes.

Module 2

Background on tax software available and recommendation on the user-friendly FREE tax software of choice which will be used for this training.

Module 3

Begin entering your information and learning the process for tax preparation using the tax software.

Module 4

Finishing up tasks when preparing a tax return and a review of state income tax return requirements.

Module 5

Learning to verify when tax process is complete, what to do if it gets rejected, and how to check for a refund.


Watch me file a Real Tax Return to see how FAST and EASY you can file yours every year.

Meet the Instructor

Here's a Little Sneak Peek of the Course

It's simple to go from one Module to the next.

You can re-watch any Lesson to make sure you understand each concept.

Includes Bonus! - Watch Me File a Real Tax Return in less than 10 minutes!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be good at math?

No, this course teaches you using online software, and the software does all the calculations.

Do I need to study tax laws?

No, this course teaches you using online software, and the software is structured to help you follow all the up-to-date tax laws applicable to your situation based on your answers.

How long does the course take?

The course itself is self-paced, so you can take your time if you want, but it can be completed in as short as an afternoon. Most of the time is spent making sure you have all the documents and information needed to complete a tax return.

Can I start a business using the skills I learn here

Yes, the skills you learn here can be used to offer tax preparation services to others. Just make sure you register with the IRS to get your PTIN.

This Level of Detail with Simple Instructions will

SAVE you so much TIME Year after Year!

You Can Get the Full Course Today For...

Only $97.00 (Reg. $597.50) One-Time Purchase


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No Risk Guarantee

Each of my courses is carefully designed to maximize the learning experience and is backed by The Unconditional Matrix Level-Up Guarantee (up to 30 days). The only way to make an informed decision is by seeing what the course offers, but there is no risk with my guarantee in place. I understand occasionally it may not work for someone, and I stand behind my ultimate goal to do what's best for my students even if that means a refund because they were unable to get the education they sought to achieve.

I'm here to empower you with the skills you need. When that doesn't happen, you are able to request your money back within 30 days for any course (even after you complete the course) if you don't feel that you received the education and skills you were seeking. If you are enrolled in the BAMM BOSS Membership, you can receive a refund for the most recent billed month. All I ask is that you email me at to let me know what you were looking for when you took the course or signed up for the membership (if it was missing something or if I did a bad job at explaining something), and I will process your refund.

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